ATW Summer 2012 Congratulations!

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in "Hangar Flying" | 0 comments

It’s been a busy summer at our ATW location! We had 7 students complete their 1st solo flight and we had 3 student earn new certificates and ratings!

Joe Mierzejewski- 1st Solo- 5/31/2012

Alex Ehlers- 1st Solo- 6/3/2012

Dave McAdow- Instrument Rating- 6/8/2012

James Emmerich- Commercial License- 6/8/2012

Jesse Derks- 1st Solo- 6/22/2012

Gerasimos Blatseas- 1st Solo- 6/26/2012

Ernie Lietzan- 1st Solo- 7/7/2012

Irma Tavlian- 7/7/2012

Scott Wilson- Instrument Rating- 8/2/2012

Dan Storzer- 1st Solo- 8/12/2012

Congratulations to all!

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