April Congrats!

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Congratulations to the following accomplishments at Tailwind Flight Center for the month of April!


Greg Clabots                  Wings                           4/08       RV7A
Noel Clark                      CFI Renewal/BFR
Don Wackwitz                IPC                               4/08       BE36
Dave Schultz                  Commercial Written        4/05
Zach McNally                 Private Written                4/12
Ryan Marx                     Private Written                4/19
Patrick Heil                    Commercial Written        4/19
Ben Baierl                      Instrument Written          4/22
Tom Tess                       Commercial Written        4/22
Cameron Berg                 Instrument Written         4/22
Alyssa Stiebohr               Instrument Written         4/26
Rob Bullock                    Private Written               4/26
Brandon Kile                   Private Written               4/26
Alex Marsh                     Instrument Written          4/28
Patrick Heil                    Multi-Commercial Rating  4/29
Zach McNally                 Private Pilot License        4/29

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