Cessna Introduces New Simulator Program for Flight Training.

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Cessna has teamed with King Schools and Redbird Flight Simulations to develop a program that couples guided video instruction and demonstration with simulator activity, giving customers a better overall experience while practicing various maneuvers. The program, called Guided Independent Flight Training, will launch exclusively to Cessna Pilot Centers and works with the entire line of Redbird simulators. King Schools and Redbird Flight Simulations will begin delivery of GIFT systems to participating Cessna Pilot Centers in May.

“This is another way we are working to lower the time and cost of flight training while exploiting technology to continue to improve the quality of training through our CPC network,” said Julie Filucci, Cessna CPC manager. “Customers get the benefit of lessons on specific maneuvers from John and Martha King to augment their time with their own instructor, then immediately practice in one of Redbird’s high fidelity simulators. Customers choose from an extensive list of maneuvers and are able to fly the maneuvers as many times as they wish, allowing them to perfect their aircraft handling skills at their own pace in the low-cost environment of a simulator.”

Want to learn more? Tailwind Flight Center in Appleton is a CPC center and has a Redbird simulator ready to go for your training. Block simulator rental packages are available. Stop in or give us a call today! check us out on Facebook @flytailwind!

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