Zach McNally completes his first solo!

Posted by on Feb 11, 2011 in "Hangar Flying" | 1 comment

Completing your First Solo is one of the biggest accomplishments in a lifetime. It is the first time that you actually are flying an airplane with no safety net of an instructor and you put all the skills and knowledge you learn into that one moment. This event will change your life forever. To live an exhilarating experience like this all you need to do is come visit us at Tailwind Flight Center in Appleton or Green Bay. Congratulations to Zach on his First Solo! Happy flying!  What are YOU waiting for?

One Comment

  1. Zach. I can say we need a cigar. Congratulations, I remember how my instructor just said pull over and let me out! The next day I was out by myself and my normal A/C was’t available so I got the 180 instead of the 140! I couldn’t get the damn thing to come down! What an accomplishment. Let me know when your ready for the Airbus.
    Good Job.
    Scott Lillard
    Captain Airbus
    US Airways.

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