Posts made in February, 2011

Zach McNally completes his first solo!

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Completing your First Solo is one of the biggest accomplishments in a lifetime. It is the first time that you actually are flying an airplane with no safety net of an instructor and you put all the skills and knowledge you learn into that one moment. This event will change your life forever. To live an exhilarating experience like this all you need to do is come visit us at Tailwind Flight Center in Appleton or Green Bay. Congratulations to Zach on his First Solo! Happy flying!  What are...

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Lombardi Trophy home in Green Bay!

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What a great day to be at Tailwind Flight Center! The Lombardi Trophy is on its way to Afghanistan with some of the Packers coaches and team. As I walk through the FBO here at Tailwind/Executive Air, there on the table is the Lombardi Trophy! The lobby is full of people all heading to Afghanistan for a USO event. GO PACK GO! Just another reason to be a...

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Naval Aircraft Get Extreme Makeovers

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With EAA AirVenture being a designated Tier 1 event for the Centennial of Naval Aviation celebration next year, get ready for a host of special appearances and activities in Oshkosh next July. While many initiatives have yet to be announced, one special treat is confirmed and well underway: re-painting several current inventory airplanes in colors from previous eras. It’s all part of our outreach to help celebrate the centennial of naval aviation,” said Capt. Richard Dann, Director of History and Outreach for the centennial. “We’re attempting to teach about the...

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