Progress for Aviation Biofuels

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Progress for Aviation Biofuels

Much progress has been made in recent years in the development of biofuels made from microalgae, animal fat and other non-petroleum-based substances, and they likely will be approved for use in aircraft by the middle of next year. This week’s Green double-issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology examines biofuels and other environmental-related breakthroughs across the aviation industry, as it commits increasing resources to develop and utilize a range of advanced technologies that will allow airlines to operate much more efficiently and greatly reduce carbon emissions.

“We are seeing the aviation industry take a combination of critical steps necessary to achieve carbon-neutral growth by 2020, not just through biofuels but also operating smarter, modernizing their fleets and making significant infrastructure improvements,” said Anthony L. Velocci, Jr., editor-in-chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology. “Faltering economies may have taken the heat off global warming as a political issue, but the pressure is still on aviation to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions if it wants to grow and avoid onerous regulatory dictates.”

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